Top 10 Manufacturing Technology Companies - 2018

Manufacturers are waking up to emerging technology, data analysis, and the importance of uptime as well as its impact on their organizations. Manufacturing processes, workforce, technologies, and even the channels of supply and distribution have seen several radical changes. Advanced capabilities implemented throughout the product lifecycle have led to increased visibility in product development and maintenance, fast production time, a surge in savings on cost and improved customer support. Manufacturers are banking on these capabilities powered by automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the internet of things (IoT).

The entry of AI and automation into the manufacturing industry has assured a higher safety rate by taking over hazardous tasks. AI allows the automation of workflows through predictive analysis, enables collaborative robotics, optimized equipment usage, and also improves the recruitment and retention of experts in the field of manufacturing. At the same time, the “automation economy” is expected to open up newer avenues and create the requirement for a diverse skill set.

Across industries, the manufacturing process has steadily picked up the pace by embracing of the IoT. This sensors-led wave of technology is bringing about effective cost-cutting, increased safety, and efficiency, besides spurring product innovation. Roughly, one-third of manufacturing production and non-production processes now incorporate embedded intelligence or smart devices. As companies recognize the importance of data management, they leverage the information gleaned from the analysis of operational data to kick-start organizational change.

These technologies, in combination with other major game-changers such as big data, blockchain, and data analytics, have resulted in the creation of better shop floors, where the scope for change is beyond limits.

As the number of solution providers braving the competition to provide better manufacturing technology solutions has filled to the brim, choosing an appropriate solution provider is a cumbersome, yet magnanimous task for CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs. CIOReview magazine’s editorial team, with the support and guidance from manufacturing technology veterans and industry analysts, has selected a list of manufacturing technology solution providers that demonstrate sophistication and innovation.

We present you 10 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology Solution Providers - 2018

    Top 10 Manufacturing Technology Companies

  • 1

    Provides CRM for the manufacturing industries both on-premise and the cloud

  • 2

    Provides an end-to-end solution that connects and automates all of the revenue-impacting processes of businesses in the life sciences, high-tech and manufacturing industries

  • 3

    Helps manufacturers enlighten their business through data using the latest techniques in AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics

  • 4

    Delivers a flexible, scalable and fully featured management system for small business to enterprise corporations

  • 5

    Ushering in a new era of ERP with a complete system designed to power today’s modern manufacturer

  • 6

    Provides best-of-breed software applications to enhance enterprise manufacturing intelligence

  • 7

    Industry thought leaders bring end-to-end manufacturing solutions together in a harmonized fashion to enable operational excellence for Medical Device Manufacturers

  • 8

    Offers manufacturing traceability and supply chain management analytics platform that provides unprecedented end-to-end visibility and massively improved business understanding

  • 9

    Creates intelligent manufacturing environments that enable manufacturers to achieve the highest levels of productivity and quality

  • 10

    Applied Sciences Group

    Applied Sciences Group

    Provides innovative software engineering solutions for applications involving research, industrial and manufacturing environments, design-oriented engineering services, technical project management and training