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Since the advent of machines, the primary requirement of the manufacturing industry has gradually evolved from simple equipment to a feature rich integrated manufacturing environment to get ahead of the profit and productivity race. This was the case when an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of low-velocity recreational products chose to add high-speed consumer goods into their catalog. The use of a turnkey and intelligent environment was imperative to oversee manufacturing and achieve 100 percent outgoing quality. The engagement of Tutelar Technologies after an extensive hunt for viable manufacturing software ensured the OEM successfully launched the new product. Tutelar made this possible through its flagship manufacturing execution system, the Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System, which helps an organization move to a connected intelligent plant floor environment. For Tutelar Technologies Inc., a Canada-based manufacturing software solutions provider, this customer engagement is one of the many accolades achieved over the past 30 years providing seamless plant-floor solutions.

“As the versatility and features offered by production equipment have increased, the lack of a common interface between machinery tends to stall the anticipated productivity of the organization,” indicates Edward Dickson, President at Tutelar. The use of a wide variety of equipment demands the need for a simpler means to eliminate silos of automation. Tutelar’s Ujigami software untangles the complexities of the shop floor, bringing the challenges to a close. Through its comprehensive collection of manufacturing process control tools and plug-and-play machine interfaces, Ujigami provides equipment connectivity and manufacturing intelligence to the plant floor team, streamlining operations into a people-friendly process and reducing the micromanagement of workforce and operations. Existing and new equipment assets are quickly integrated together without the need for in-house programmers. This capability provided by Ujigami allows an organization to achieve higher quality products with minimal new investment.

Typical present day plant-floor systems require technical resources with extensive knowledge and experience in programming to install and maintain the system. This high technical resource requirement creates another barrier due to the already short supply of skilled employees. With Ujigami’s easy to configure interface and built-in machine profiles, the need for these special experts is greatly reduced.

The future is now and we make it possible for manufacturers to reduce resource consumption while driving the cutting edge of technology innovation

The Ujigami browser interface provides a familiar experience to ensure users do not require prior training or experience for configuring, operating, and accessing the extensive reporting capabilities of the system.

Ujigami is a device-agnostic solution, making it easy to integrate with all plant floor devices—existing and brand new alike. Tutelar gives freedom to their clients to utilize the machinery and devices they deem fit for their specific operations. Upon connecting the machinery to the Ujigami software, Ujigami immediately starts coordinating, controlling, and reporting complete production results dock to dock. Built with systems to manage records based on parameters such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) the software suite not only manages the technical mistake proofing but also records detailed results of its performance. Consequently, Ujigami offers its users the advantage of extensive traceability of each part manufactured and each machine’s performance.

The leadership at Tutelar brings decades of extensive manufacturing knowledge and experience to its software and service solutions, specifically in the areas of technical and behavioral controls. Team Tutelar leverages innovations in browser-based technology that we enjoy in our personal lives, to bring new possibilities to the production floor. Working with global companies, Tutelar understands the challenges faced by the international market and intends to continue to provide unique software technology solutions to the manufacturing industry. “The future is now and we make it possible for manufacturers to reduce resource consumption while driving the cutting edge of technology innovation,” says Dickson.

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Edward Dickson, President

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