Tutelar Technologies: Powering Intelligent Production Environments

Manufacturing companies are feeling squeezed by the demand for delivering highest quality products at the lowest cost. One reason for the squeeze can be credited to a lack of technical resources. With a history that spans over 30 years, Tutelar Technologies has a software solution— Ujigami—that can lift the technological restrictions that plague manufacturers. Ujigami leverages the abilities of existing people and equipments to deliver the highest quality, along with better productivity, and uptime.

The Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System was introduced in 1997, providing manufacturing companies with an easy-to-use system to achieve zero defect manufacturing. In 2007, Tutelar leveraged the company’s material control systems to introduce a comprehensive integrated Warehouse Management System. By 2012, the systems were expanded with the Ujiboard World Class Manufacturing System, which gives companies a complete set of lean manufacturing tools and management reporting options.

“Today, many leading OEMs and tier 1 manufacturers in North America are achieving the highest levels of manufacturing performance due to Tutelar’s leading edge software,” says Edward Dickson, CEO. Companies that have benefitted from Tutelar’s offerings include Toyota, Whirlpool, Honda, General Motors, Polaris, KitchenAid, and Chrysler.

Tutelar’s software help clients overcome the challenges associated with embracing emerging trends in the manufacturing landscape such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). “Although IIoT promises great advances, the reality is that the creation and adoption of standards for manufacturing have been slow and is still many years away from adding significant value,” Dickson says.

Another challenge is the issue of connectivity due to a shortage of people with the technical expertise needed to create the systems manufacturers require. Dickson says that Tutelar is cutting through these challenges with software that can connect any plant floor device in real-time and quickly produce value for the organization. Ujigami requires minimal programming or PLC knowledge, so current employees can achieve the desired results with little assistance.

With Ujigami ease-of-use and extensive connectivity, Tutelar’s customers are able to create new intelligent production environments. The Ujigami software knows the process flow and control plan for each part, so it is able to control each machine, device, and operation intelligently.

Customers quickly achieve the results they require, and can easily maintain and modify the system to continue to exceed their requirements

Ujigami makes sure that every part is produced according to its specifications every time and on time. Decisions are made in real-time to minimize wasted materials and time. This means zero defects, complete traceability, and double-digit improvement in OEE.

“The Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System goes beyond simply reporting production,” Dickson says. “Ujigami PDMS acts like a GPS for each part as it is manufactured, calculating the best route through the manufacturing process and guiding the part to each machine and process to ensure that a high-quality part is produced at the lowest cost.”

Manufacturers receive: ease of use through the browser-based architecture and low technical requirements; speed as Ujigami interacts in real-time with plant floor equipment and devices; better connectivity due to simple integration with new and existing equipment and software systems; traceability with complete genealogy of every part produced; transparency by being able to access production information on any device via a browser; and excellent support from Tutelar Technologies.

In one case, a transmission manufacturer was experiencing high warranty costs due to noise complaints. Ujigami was quickly implemented to control each aspect of the manufacturing process to correct the issue. As a result, the outgoing quality increased dramatically, eliminating warranty costs. With success stories like this, Tutelar Technologies continues to provide turnkey solutions to customers that bring the highest Return on Investment.

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Edward Dickson, CEO

Ujigami streamlines the entire manufacturing process to eliminate errors, cut costs, eliminate downtime, and minimize waste

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