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Edward Dickson, President & CEO
In the 21st century, manufacturers are on a race to bring out the best quality product with the lowest costs possible. Many of the risks are associated with the inefficiency of production, poor quality, and missed deliveries. The efficiency of production output with regards to quality always depends on the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), which are integral parts of any manufacturing plant. However, manufacturers time and again are failing to bridge the gap between efficient production and smart quality outcomes due to lack of device connectivity and technical resources. This is where Tutelar Technologies comes in. Tutelar is a provider of Product Directed Manufacturing Systems (PDMS)—an easy-to-use MES and WMS system that manages all aspects of manufacturing and warehousing facilities. “We provide browser-based software that can be easily connected to existing equipment and configured to achieve the best results required on the plant floor,” says Edward Dickson, President and CEO, Tutelar Technologies.

Tutelar provides products and services that link manufacturing processes to requirements of the business, thereby increasing plant quality, productivity, and responsiveness. Through Tutelar’s solutions, manufacturers get reliable, market-leading technology coupled with a highly skilled, comprehensive support team. Although the adoption of standards for manufacturing is slow, machines and devices on the plant floor are becoming significantly more intelligent and capable of communicating across a standard Ethernet connection. This provides real-time manufacturing knowledge and ability to control the required output. In such a scenario, “Tutelar’s Ujigami software incorporates a suite of connection options that provides plug-and-play capabilities to any device on the plant floor; both new devices with Ethernet connectivity and existing devices without Ethernet,” delineates Dickson.

Ujigami is the fastest, most flexible, full-featured plant floor software available, enabling the use of existing hardware with maximum results. For instance, a large auto parts manufacturer implemented Ujigami to connect every machine and operator in their plant to create an intimate production focus.

Ujigami software includes a suite of connection options to provide plug-and-play capabilities to all devices on the plant floor

Large screen TV monitors were placed in each manager’s office displaying real-time Key Performance Measurable. Ujigami was quickly configured to send alerts when critical events occurred. Detailed performance data is available on any device with a web browser. The result was an 11 percent improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in the first three months of use, resulting in millions of dollars of savings. “Because Ujigami is so tightly integrated with the machines and devices on the plant floor, there is transparency of events on the shop floor,” adds Dickson.

Additionally, Ujigami leverages lean tools by permitting the users to implement technical solutions that integrate machines to monitor and control the solution. This alleviates the common lean manufacturing problem of implementing a behavioral solution that requires constant management review and follow-up.

With Ujigami PDMS, Tutelar clients experience zero defects, complete traceability, and double digit improvements in OEE. Ujigami automatically makes real-time decisions to minimize downtime, scrap, overproduction, and other form of waste. The Ujigami system uses a common, flexible IT infrastructure that requires minimal configuration. “Ujigami excels in real-time interaction with all plant-floor devices and seamless integration with ERP/MRP systems. Unlike other systems that require significant custom programming, Ujigami can be quickly configured in a web browser,” extols Dickson.

Tutelar Technologies aims to lead in manufacturing connectivity and plant floor intelligence as devices are becoming smarter and more self-aware, permitting Ujigami to continue to integrate those devices into more advanced manufacturing environments.

Tutelar Technologies

Ontario, Canada

Edward Dickson, President & CEO

Provider of Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System that drives zero defects and lowest cost to produce

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