DEACOM: Scaling a Business with a Single- System ERP

Jay Deakins, CEO
One of the biggest challenges that process manufacturers face is finding the right ERP solution that caters to their specific industry while empowering scalability. Many businesses find themselves forced to choose one or the other but Deacom, Inc., a US based ERP provider, has created a solution that closes this gap. More than 20 years ago, Deacom began developing a single-system ERP software that enables process manufacturers to gain optimal visibility into the operations without the use of third party bolt-ons and customizations.

The DEACOM ERP solution encompasses a wide range of functionality built specifically for batch and process manufacturers to better manage the entire formulation to shipment process. Lot traceability, warehouse management, quality control, serialization, maintenance, customer relationship management, and direct store delivery are just some of the capabilities built directly into the core technology. This allows manufacturers to improve the management of regulatory requirements, respond quickly to recalls, and generate reports from various areas of the business in real time.

“Many other ERP solutions run on old, inflexible technology hindering the ability for businesses to reach their full potential,” said Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom. “We took a different approach and developed a solution that encourages growth and can evolve quickly as industries, companies, and regulations change.”

For those businesses looking to scale and move into international markets, this level of flexibility is particularly attractive. Maintaining compliance in multiple countries with unique regulatory documents, taxes, currencies, languages, shipping restrictions, and reports is critical. Deacom has taken action to further develop its technology by introducing functionality that encourages internationalization of its customers. For example, DEACOM’s data driven captions allow customers to leverage multi-lingual support or different business departments and can be assigned on a user-by-user basis.

As companies grow, the technical foundation that DEACOM ERP is built upon is able to evolve with the businesses. “DEACOM is in a unique position to deliver us everything we want because of their single-system model and the steps they’ve taken over the years to keep up with technology,” said Doug Geer, CFO of Spray Products.

Our simplified approach to the market has allowed businesses to not only create strong practices for their process manufacturing companies, but also scale their businesses to become true competitors in their field of expertise

“This indicates to us that they will continue to evolve and improve, which will only benefit Spray Products as well as our customer base.”

Those companies expanding the business, be it through new facilities or acquisitions, often dread the idea of incorporating these additional areas into an existing ERP software. DEACOM ERP makes this process simple and straightforward so decision makers can gain a thorough understanding of the entire business’s performance with real-time, accurate data.

Deacom’s customer base includes both national and international manufacturing businesses in industries like food and beverage, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, cosmetics, and fuels and renewable energy.

The company’s unique strategy towards modern ERP expands beyond the traditional ERP model which can stunt the growth of manufacturers. “Our simplified approach to the market has allowed businesses to not only create strong practices for their process manufacturing companies, but also scale their businesses,” says Deakins. “Our team of ERP artisans work to continuously evolve the ERP solution to handle the needs of the process manufacturing industry today and predicts those of tomorrow.”

Often finding itself going head-to-head with Tier 1 ERP competitors, Deacom’s ERP solution will continue to be the driving force to businesses with $50 million to $2 billion in revenue. These companies have proven to see the true potential in leveraging such an industry focused and scalable ERP solution for their business.


Chesterbrook, PA

Jay Deakins, CEO

Provides scalable, single-system ERP solution that offers impressive visibility into all departments of a manufacturing company to maximize productivity and profitability