Trigent Software: Innovative Product Engineering Models for Manufacturing Companies

Chuck Rehberg, CTO
Today, while many manufacturing companies use mass market Commercial-off-the-shelf ERP (COTS) software, they are unable to create unique value and strategic differentiators. They often require integrated solutions to leverage their uniqueness to deliver compelling value to their customers. Headquartered in Southborough, MA, Trigent Software delivers Cloud, Mobile, or COTS products to enable manufacturing companies gain visibility on the industry, and help them balance their cost-performance parameters. The company analyzes the challenges that occur while establishing flexible IT solutions in the areas of CRM, analytics, and ERP for an improved manufacturing operations and helps in improving operational efficiency and productivity.

Trigent has built a formidable suite of proprietary high performance solutions in the areas of Artificial intelligence (AI) systems, semantic platform and now big data/analytics solutions and has filed several patents. Most importantly, “We have delivered tremendous value in the areas of rules engines. Many customers have a large number of engineering, operational and governance rules that need to be followed across all their business processes and the efficiency at which these rules can be authored, configured, version controlled and managed by business users is vital to the business success,” states Chuck Rehberg, CTO, Trigent Software. The next generations of these rules are providing capability to auto-suggest and generate rules through enhanced system intelligence and the ability to have semantics based natural language interface to these rules. Trigent’s proprietary FRSE Rules Engine (Fast Rules Selection Engine) has built-in sequence matching, to enable real-time situational analysis and it has a partial match capability that provides situational guidance for both outcome prediction and problem correction and avoidance in the manufacturing sector.

For manufacturing companies, the biggest challenges are related to changing product specifications, models, assemblies and sub-assemblies. “However, Trigent’s customers have handled changes with minimal disruption and cost savings. This is because Trigent uses Rules Based Systems to enable mass customization,” says Rehberg. Furthermore, Trigent has helped companies to access data in real-time using its Microsoft SharePoint. “The custom built and architected SharePoint BI Accelerators has helped customers to procure data from ERP, CRM, PLM and other data intensive applications,” says Rehberg.
In addition, Trigent’s QA Accelerator dashboard helps customers to get important QA metrics on a single dashboard. The firm enables customers accelerate Governance, Reporting and Compliance (GRC) capability by using their SharePoint Compliance Accelerator. The SharePoint Accelerators has helped in collaboration for preparation of marketing collateral/ content across departments and geographical locations.

“We simultaneously access customer data, customer revenue, interactions with globally located sales teams, previous orders, fulfillment, complaints and issues, contribution to margins, along with current information from the internet and public news sources,” explains Rehberg.

Trigent's clients leverage the company’s software assets to meet critical time-to-market pressures and reduce their technology cost of ownership. In one instance, a Fortune 100 manufacturer of trucks and buses faced challenge in improving application performance and quality of their products. The company selected Trigent for overcoming the complexities in producing good quality output and improved performance. Trigent employed its development automation technology, Coradigm, to compress the development time-line, building in the needed time for requirements definition, and to meet the client's goals to deliver in a rapid time frame at a lower cost.

We help our customers to have a large number of engineering, operational and governance rules that need to be followed across all their business processes

Going forward, the firm aims to focus on products and services that address the customer needs more quickly and reliably, reflecting engineering changes throughout the sales cycle. “Our focus in the manufacturing industry is to manage and minimize the cost of change, improving time-to-market, and reducing error,” concludes Rehberg.

Trigent Software

Southborough, MA

Chuck Rehberg, CTO

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