To-Increase: Discrete Manufacturing on the Way to the Digital Enterprise

Cornelis Bosch, CEO
Manufacturing companies have for many years adopted ERP systems to streamline and optimize their operations. To-Increase, an ISV with a global presence, augments the widely adopted Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV ERP systems to help manufacturers evolve in a digital age and thrive in a challenging business climate. To-Increase also offers Business Process Management (BPM), mobile, and systems integration solutions that enable manufacturers to become more agile and productive. “We are deeply committed to the success of manufacturing companies and are always enhancing our solutions portfolio to make it easier for customers to achieve their objectives,” says Cornelis Bosch, CEO, To-Increase. “A large part of our effort is in realizing the productivity potential of mobile solutions, the internet of things, big data, cloud, and social media for the real roles and accountabilities of people in manufacturing organizations.”

Established in 2005 and headquartered in the Netherlands, To- Increase takes its solutions to market through a worldwide channel of more than 300 partners with strong domain and technology expertise. The company’s two flagship solution suites, To-Increase Advanced Discrete Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX and To-Increase Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, position manufacturers to make and distribute their products, and offer supporting services, in the most resource efficient and connected manner. Other solutions from To-Increase help food manufacturers take advantage of modern ERP; ready companies to engage successfully in B2B eCommerce; and operate within regulatory requirements when working with government entities. “Manufacturers look to us to help them innovate and col laborate more closely with their customers and supply chain , ” notes Bosch. “Today, that means advancing ERP from a system of records to a system of engagement that helps companies effectively connect people, processes, and resources, even across organizations. It takes a system of engagement to deliver the competitive, rewarding experience that helps our customers fulfill their strategy and that extends productive and collaborative enhancement to their customers in turn.”
As discrete manufacturers take full advantage of To-Increase software and expertise, they can transform into digital enterprises at their own pace, while maintaining optimal profitability and garnering all the efficiency and productivity benefits that ERP can contribute. In close engagement with its customers and partners, To-Increase is defining and testing the collaboration models that enable manufacturers and their customers to use systems of engagement to accomplish valuable product innovation and deliver competitive services. Many of To-Increase’s over 1,800 customers around the globe will likely see substantial gains as a result, and To-Increase will continue to build on its strong record of helping manufacturers transform and grow their operations.

We are deeply committed to the success of manufacturing companies and are always enhancing our solutions portfolio to make it easier for customers to achieve their objectives

The experience of many companies confirms the validity of the To-Increase solution approach. For instance, WEMO, a maker of sheet metal processing equipment, deployed To-Increase Industrial Equipment Manufacturing to become a faster-moving, more customer-focused, project-driven company. “Because the solution reaches so far into all aspects of our operation, its flexibility to adapt to our processes is extremely valuable,” says Evert-Jan Mulder, ICT Supervisor at WEMO. “To-Increase supports our organizational goals most effectively, and I would absolutely recommend their technology and expertise to other companies with requirements similar to ours.”


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Cornelis Bosch, CEO

To-Increase is a global software developer specializing in solutions that enhance enterprise ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV to help our customers operate more efficiently and sharpen their competitive edge.