IQMS: Optimizing Manufacturing and Production with ERP Solutions

Randy Flamm, CEO
Paso Robles headquartered IQMS is gaining huge acclamations for manifesting their proficiency in design, development, and deployment of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution software (MES). Since its establishment in 1989, IQMS is offering supply chain management software for streamlining the processes that fuel the manufacturing organizations to accomplish desired outcomes. By providing real-time ERP, quality control, supply chain, and eBusiness solutions, IQMS is enabling myriad of enterprises to become optimized and reach excellence. “Our solutions empower manufacturing industry to stay lean, agile, and competitive as it complements the entire manufacturing process, whether built-to-order or built-to-stock supply chain models.” says Randy Flamm, CEO, IQMS.

The company’s cloud-based product, EnterpriseIQ, compiled with an array of options to provide different solutions to the automotive, medical, packaging, consumer goods, and other manufacturing markets. Due to its comprehensive nature, EnterpriseIQ proffers an advantageous environment for manufacturers to monitor, track the activities, and data throughout the supply chain. Compiled with an unrivalled training option, the average installation time for EnterpriseIQ is less than three months.

Some of the key features of their software solution stand out due to its performance ability. By providing end-to-end visibility, EnterpriseIQ reduces inventory and facilitate the order to cash processes with an optimal schedule that meets customer demands as well as other business objectives. Deliberated in a single database, management of sales order with access to returns, warranty information, shipping and billing history is also incorporated into the system. The expertise of EnterpriseIQ also extends to Business Intelligence (BI) to simplify the supply chain management reporting and analysis. Alongside these functionalities, the software has a web portal for suppliers and customers to access critical information.

Furthermore, IQMS also offers a comprehensive line of durable hardware and shop floor accessories to compliment the EnterpriseIQ software. From, scanners, scales, monitors, and printers, hardware components are delivered at cost efficient prices to keep the service effective in use.
IQMS is known for organizing extensive training programs for its clients, to empower them to address different needs with respect to both global and specific issues within the software. By providing onsite, online and classroom training, the client will get an understanding on how to use different modules in the system. Thus, the training is focused to achieve maximum benefits for the customer through their performance. “We provide a system that uses the same database across every single business aspect and has the very same look, feel and system logic. Once you learn one module, the knowledge rolls over easily to other modules”, explains Randy.

Our solutions are designed to help every type of manufacturing company to stay lean, agile and competitive by streamlining the entire process, whether built-toorder or built-to-stock supply chain models

In an implementation highlight of EnterpriseIQ, one of their customers, Sturgis Molded Products, used more than 12 different databases to complete various functions before the installation of IQMS solution. With the training given through EnterpriseIQ, they were able to eliminate unneeded processes and modules and increase efficiency.

Thriving with a competitive edge in the market, the employee circle of IQMS has more than two decades of experience. From CRM to a full blown quality system to document control to MES, and an Android-based touch screen shop floor devices, IQMS evolved by developing everything in-house. “These distinct features of our organizations help us to have complete control over the customer experience. After all, what the customer thinks is most important to us,” points out Randy.
“If the product is finished, it’s finished,” hitting on the business philosophy, IQMS continuously looks into improving the product with regular long-term maintenance.


Wisteria Lane Paso Robles, CA

Randy Flamm, CEO

IQMS is the provider of real-time manufacturing ERP and MES solution for streamlining the supply chain management processes.