Worksoft: Automating Business Process Validation Like Never Before

Jim Kent, CEO
Global manufacturing companies want business execution to be perfect, as the financial and customer ramifications of IT system failures and critical process disruptions can be severe—everything from vital operation delays to massively inconvenienced customers to million dollar costs for manufacturers. “Websites can crash, plant production can be interrupted, revenue can drop, and costs can increase, frustrating customers and staff. Entire IT projects can fail and reputation can suffer,” warns Jim Kent, CEO, Worksoft, an SAP® partner and provider of business process validation software.

The good news is that companies can steer clear of these risks by taking tangible steps for their business users and protecting critical business processes as they implement innovative new technologies faster. The answer here is automation. Automated Business Process Validation (BPV) allows companies to identify technology problems early and effectively prevent business disruption.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Worksoft takes BPV to the next level by automating it. “When technology changes, business processes need to be tested and checked—from start to finish,” says Kent. “Without BPV, you’re flying without a net. And without automation, you just can’t keep up with the pace of change,” he adds.

With Worksoft, ensuring that business processes work across all systems is much simpler. All that a user needs is to turn on the Worksoft platform from their desktop, perform their normal activity in SAP or other enterprise applications, and turn it off when finished. The business process and data will be captured in Worksoft, and this business knowledge can be used for quality assurance and testing, documentation, and analysis. The best part is that these captured business processes can be used directly for automated BPV across all enterprise applications for manufacturing—SAP, Siemens Teamcenter, Manhattan, HTML, Java, .NET, and many more. Once captured, Kent continues, “the business process becomes part of an automation portfolio that can be run again and again for quality assurance in every IT project.” Most enterprises have hundreds of systems projects every year and this automation portfolio accelerates every one of them.

“Manufacturers all over the world are expanding their adoption of Worksoft to ensure end-to-end process quality for their business,” remarks Kent.
Worksoft Certify is the industry’s top-ranked solution for automated BPV in SAP environments. It automates the functional testing of mission-critical, business processes, complex application landscapes–including web technologies, mobile apps, hybrid cloud environments–and dozens of non-SAP systems like in-house built, custom applications.

Worksoft automation helps companies increase operational efficiencies, improve business agility and achieve cost savings, all while mitigating technology risk. The company has hundreds of Fortune 1000 customers that have seen the dramatic ROI. A recent IDC survey of 12 large Worksoft customers, including global manufacturers and chemical companies, revealed significant benefits delivered by automation. The companies had invested in automated BPV solutions for SAP environments and the study found that on average, the organizations earned an ROI of 537 percent and broke even on their investment in 11.9 months, for benefits worth $13.59 million over five years. Some of the other benefits included accelerated IT projects by an average of 5.3 weeks, faster test cycles by 39 percent, and reduced productivity losses from defects entering production environments by 44 percent. “With Worksoft, companies can have confidence that their business processes work as needed around the clock, without glitches or software failures,” states Kent.

With Worksoft, companies can have confidence that their business processes work as intended end-to-end, across all technologies and global operations – as they keep up with the pace of technology change

With automation being the only practical way to minimize the risk of business disruption during system changes, automated BPV is quickly becoming the new industry standard across companies worldwide. More and more Fortune 1000 companies across manufacturing and a wide range of vertical industry sectors are turning to Worksoft automation as an industry best practice.


Dallas, TX

Jim Kent, CEO

A leading global provider of business process validation software for packaged enterprise applications.