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CIO VendorSunil Kanchi, Head of Manufacturing Solutions and Engineering Services
The renaissance in the manufacturing industry hints a promising future. Despite traditional challenges of cost pressure and speed to market still on the loose, next generation CIOs are looking to balance the right investments in the right solutions. This is where UST Global fits in, with their IT services and solutions focusing on the evolving Manufacturing technologies while supporting the digital transformation brought about by Social, Mobility, Cloud, and Analytics.“At UST Global, we believe that we are able to bring in change through transforming technology. We have adapted our ways into being a trusted advisor and partner rather than just providing services,” asserts Sunil Kanchi, Head of Manufacturing Solutions and Engineering Services, UST Global.

The company’s portfolio of services and solutions addresses the challenges in demand management, production planning, warehousing and distribution, and other manufacturing aspects. UST Global solves the issue of mobility in manufacturing through their uDispatch platform, which helps in rapid deployment of CRM and ERP solutions for field mobility operations. By integrating mobility and social tools with data analytics and dashboard tools, the company goes beyond just mobile when providing social, analytics and cloud solutions to customers.

In addition, UST Global has made investments in their innovation platform titled, Apple Tree Lab which provides an ecosystem for internal employees to shoot out ideas without the fear of making mistakes. Similar is the design behind their idea management system, Eureka, which democratizes innovation and gives employees the opportunity to turn their thought processes into actual realization. “With Eureka, we have been able to generate more than 21,000 ideas and of these, 700 unsolicited business proposals have become new programs, generating additional revenue for UST,” states Kanchi.

Being able to deliver services beyond the tenants of a contract through innovative solutions is reflective of a passion which UST Global possesses.
With the evolution of new technologies in Automotive industry, the company made significant investments into Connected Cars, active safety systems and Internet of Things. To help their employees understand customers better, UST Global has engineered a unique model called ‘Client University’. This enables employees to ramp up on soft and hard skills, allowing them to be more productive and effective toward customer needs. “When working with customers in the manufacturing space, we ensure that we bring in the right knowledge and training, on the particular products and processes of the customer, enabling more effective interaction between us and the clients,” says Kanchi.

UST Global has built a strong framework of accelerators for manufacturing customers. The company came up with ways to automate projects with tools called engineering calculators, allowing the teams to be more efficient and eventually for the customers to increase speed to market, by reducing the amount of time they need to spend on engineering, and generating new designs.

Our unique model, Client University, enables employees to ramp up on soft and hard skills allowing them to be more productive and effective

For the road ahead, UST Global is investing into talent to provide thought leadership that will help customers at the C-level.The company has added maturity to outsourcing through new delivery models like eco-sourcing, rural sourcing, urban sourcing and is expanding their services globally in countries like Mexico, China, and Spain, to provide support to customer where they need it. By adopting latest technological advancements, coupled with a mission of providing solutions that delve into the deepest customer challenges, UST Global is deemed to break new grounds as a solutions provider in the near future.

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Sunil Kanchi, Head of Manufacturing Solutions and Engineering Services

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