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CIO VendorSunil Kumar Nelabhotla, CEO
“A paradigm shift is just around the corner,” observes Sunil Kumar Nelabhotla, CEO, Skalable Technologies. Manufacturers have their work cut out in having to forecast demand and manage inventories effectively, in conjunction with the efforts being made to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. Failing to make their works easier is the plethora of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, which need to be customized to effectively meet organizations’ needs. This is where Skalable Technologies comes into the picture—with the knowledge and experience to seamlessly tailor-fit ERP solutions that satisfy customers of all sizes.

“Typically, we deal with companies that have fast growth,” states Nelabhotla. Companies in biotechnology, retail, and hi-tech and food manufacturing utilize Skalable Technologies’ ERP and CRM expertise. Skalable Technologies customizes Microsoft Dynamics AX, a robust ERP solution, for midmarket firms and large enterprises to ensure that clients leverage its full potential. “We provide a quickly adaptable customized solution that evolves with the changing business model of our customers.” For small and medium businesses, the company provides the scalable Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. “We also deal with NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics NAV,” adds Nelabhotla.

Skalable Technologies has a remarkable customer retention rate of 98 percent. Nelabhotla attributes this achievement to the speed, skill, and responsiveness of his talented team. The company constantly analyses the market trends, keeps tabs on the latest technologies and products, and performs their own research and development (R&D), to identify the potential of certain technologies before adopting them. “I believe in constant learning,” he adds. This philosophy keeps Skalable Technologies a step ahead of the competition.
Clients approach Skalable Technologies not only for resources, but also for a specific skill set that can actually solve their business challenges at that point in time, rather than a few months down the line. One of the company’s longstanding clients in a high growth stage was using Microsoft Dynamics AX and desired to track every aspect of its inventory. “The client wanted to know where their product was at a particular instance in time. They had serial numbers that were running into millions and their existing system was incapable of handling it,” reveals Nelabhotla. The experienced team of Skalable Technologies came up with a distributed solution—an algorithm that takes into account all the manufacturing components including finished production orders. This greatly improved the client’s efficiency. “The volume that was being worked before, reduced from 8 hours to about 8 minutes,” states a proud Nelabhotla. Both from a time perspective, as well as, getting the production orders out of the door, Skalable Technologies’ solution proved to be a valuable asset for the client.

We provide a quickly adaptable customized solution that evolves with the changing business model of our customers

Looking to the future, Nelabhotla remarks, “We will continue to merge industry needs with tech needs and provide better solutions.” Skalable Technologies’s R&D team is constantly working on better algorithms to automate processes like forecasting, to improve the operational efficiency of manufacturers. Providing solutions that “scale effortlessly with latest technologies” has always been the company’s core focus, and moving forward, they are bent on staying true to it. “We are building products that will complement existing ERP systems in a better way,” says Nelabhotla.

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Sunil Kumar Nelabhotla, CEO

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