Sage Clarity: Real-Time Supply Chain Analytics with the OneView Mobile Platform

John Oskin, CEO
John Oskin, CEO, Sage Clarity, recalls the past when he laid the cornerstone for his first company. Little did he know then that twenty years later, he would continue his entrepreneurial passion as the founder of his third company, Sage Clarity—which develops cutting edge supply chain analytics solutions, suiting the need of millennials and executives.

Oskin, a serial entrepreneur, credits the growth of his company as a leading supply chain analytics solutions provider to his drive for constant innovation. Extensive client engagement also becomes a prerogative for Sage Clarity as he believes that “understanding the needs of the customer and then guiding them throughout the transformation is half the battle won for the organization.”

In present times, technology at workplace is not an alien concept and the next generation employees become the biggest challenge in the manufacturing vertical. Today’s workforce is technology savvy and can relate to mobile, social and messaging platforms.Organizations can leverage this hyper-enabled workforce by providing relevant information to all levels –from executives to knowledge workers. It also echoes of Sage Clarity’s need to stay ahead of competition by combining best-of-breed software capabilities, with distinctive advisory services that deliver comprehensive solutions.

When it comes to marrying technology with the operations of an organization, mobile initiatives cannot be left behind. Sage Clarity’s One View is a mobile/desktop application platform for managers and executives to maintain transparency in the organization. It is a cross device platform built on HTML5, allowing the inclusion of in-context social collaboration. It brings data from disparate sources and gives the white collar employees immediate visibility into operational metrics with defined time periods, such as week-to-date, month-to-date, and year-to-date. If an executive is in One View, looking at a Week-to-Date (WTD) view of Schedule adherence, he can send a text to everyone on the network, similar to a messaging app. “Unlike all the ‘Big Data’ approaches that take a deep dive into massive sets of numbers, One View does a shallow dive on the data.
It skims along the surface, looking for opportunities where a company can more efficiently run production and then displays the results on an iPad or any mobile device,” remarks Oskin. Executives and other team members can then execute a deep dive with the current systems and processes in place.

Sage Clarity’s illustrious clientele comprises of supply chain executives in Fortune 500 industries with global operations and large plant networks. For one client in particular, One View has helped bring speed, visibility and accountability to supply chain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Another prestigious client implemented One View for customer service metrics to gain real time visibility throughout the organization.The solution provided insights not only about customer service KPIs but also on how the client was performing against their golden target. With One View, the client was able to bridge the gap between their target and performance. In addition to enabling business efficiencies, One View also runs parallel with Sage Clarity’s organizational vision of staying focused and keeping things simple by getting timely information to all levels of the business in a useful, collaborative format.

One View does a shallow dive on the data. It skims along the surface, looking for opportunities where a company can more efficiently run production

With success stories like the one above, Sage Clarity tries to imprint the meaning of its name in its workings as well. When seen in the light of two independent words, ‘Sage’ refers to sage advice, while ‘Clarity’ stands for clear understanding of data. No surprises, when the future roadmap of the company comprises of developing distinctive advisory services along with cutting edge products that leverage their strong analytics capabilities. “We are pretty focused on our vision of enabling the next generation manufacturing enterprise,” concludes Oskin.

Sage Clarity

Chicago, IL

John Oskin, CEO

Provides a platform which combines best of breed mobile and web applications with rich data analytics and visualization to enhance supply chain and manufacturing performance.