Reveal: Increasing Investor Confidence and Customer Market Share with People, Processes, and Technol

CIO VendorJoseph Grobler, COO
Manufacturing companies running an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system already own the technology they need! Many teams however, lack organizational alignment with system performance, individual accountability for process performance and effective use of best business practices. As a result, few executives have the ability to effectively use ERP system information to make decisions regarding operating costs, service levels, and inventory. ERP systems, like SAP, deliver a sustainable Return on Investment (ROI) that grows revenue, shareholder confidence and customer loyalty. Many companies do not utilize SAP’s full capabilities and even less understand its full capabilities enough to actually receive the ROI expected from the implementation.

For organizations struggling to achieve ROI post implementation, Reveal recommends using their ongoing VALUE optimization (oVo™) methodology to guide a project that both harnesses the power of the client’s existing ERP system and the individuals within that team. Reveal’s oVo™ methodology educates organizations about opportunities existing within the system, certifies users, facilitates the change management to align the organizational structure, and introduces daily discipline and governance to effectively manage the integrated supply chain’s information. This ensures that organizations increase their Information Maturity and guarantees increased business value.

Information Maturity provides accountability and structures for people and information within the system. An organization operating at the highest level of Information Maturity is exception focused with a culture relying on integrated data flow. This allows them to leverage transactional automation throughout the supply chain. “We give manufacturing customers an automated edge within their market that increases investor confidence and customer market share. Our clients don’t experience a one time win – the benefits are continuous,” says Reveal’s Joseph Grobler, COO.

Using change management techniques, the oVo™ methodology teaches an organization’s team how to own and influence process improvements – directly impacting the business’s bottom line. Increased analytics, improved control and decision making, visibility of activity across the entire supply chain, trust and user confidence in the system, and a better understanding of SAP’s available functionality all lay a foundation for sustainable supply chain growth.
Among Reveal’s clientele, customers experience inventory reductions by 15-30 percent, service level improvements of 20-30 percent, and reduced operation costs by 10-20 percent. “These savings are significant because they are sustainable. Clients continue to effectively manage inventory levels, service levels, and operating costs well beyond the close of their engagement with Reveal,” explains Grobler. “When individuals within the organization own and manage the performance of processes, we find that stronger user confidence and communication across supply chain functions ensures ongoing value to business,” Grobler continued.

We give manufacturing customers an automated edge within their market. oVo™ increases investor confidence and customer market share. Our clients don’t experience a one time win – the benefits are continuous

One company who experienced this is Blount; Reveal helped them achieve success in three bottom line value areas of inventory, service level and operating costs. Blount changed their business operations in an innovative and sustainable way, inspiring revenue growth, supply chain success, and customer satisfaction.

Engaging in a Reveal oVo™ project is much different than supply chain initiatives lead by most firms in the SAP market because Reveal facilitates business transformation and optimization. Without conducting interviews, implementing new software or customizing the SAP landscape, organizations are coached by Reveal to break silos and build cross functional integrated teams operating in sync with one another. Reveal’s offering is unique to the market and has been recognized as such by conference organizers like SAPinsider and The Eventful Group. Reveal team members speak at SAP industry and supply chain events across the globe including hands on workshops where attendees bring their own system and apply these concepts in real-time, as they learn.


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Joseph Grobler, COO

Reveal creates business value by harnessing the power of your existing SAP® system.