ASI DATAMYTE: Minimizing Risk and Increasing Global Profitability

Rick Bump, President
“The demands for quality products that enrich the lives of consumers have never been higher,” observes Rick Bump, President, ASI DATAMYTE. “Not to mention the landscape for innovation and the need for manufacturers to react swiftly,” he adds. These pressures, along with data security, privacy, and monetization of IT investments are becoming a part of CIOs’ criteria to make decisions. To stay competitive, manufacturers need the ability to react and pivot towards predicting the next big thing, while leveraging quality control technology. ASI helps manufacturers and their suppliers to create an economically sustainable quality system that feeds precise and actionable data from the point of product design through end customer use.

“We are the only company able to deliver services globally that integrate both hardware and software solutions for quality management,” emphasizes Bump. ASI’s solution portfolio is designed around data collection, information management, analytics, and the overarching tenet to drive action at the very core of each offering. The company integrates supplier data with its client data, providing a 360-degree view of improvement opportunities. Going beyond just integrating supplier data, ASI’s Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) solution seamlessly integrates with major ERP systems like Oracle and SAP. “We have streamlined the quality management process by providing a single, enterprise-wide solution,” says Bump. This enterprise management of quality data allows companies to precisely understand material flow, processes, systems, and other elements of their manufacturing stack to make critical business decisions.

Collecting data alone is not enough. ASI brings the ability to configure reporting easily for different levels of interest, giving management, production, quality controllers, and operators access to the right data. The result is, “shared data that is automated, reliable, and actionable,” states Bump. With ASI, companies can manage costs, drive value, and compete more effectively in their markets of choice. “We offer the agility and visibility manufacturers need to be successful, especially with changing quality standards,” he asserts.

Within the manufacturing world, “good enough” is never enough.

We offer the agility and visibility manufacturers need to be successful, especially with changing quality standards

ASI’s ability to execute solutions on a global basis is a key reason clients continue to work with them. With a singular focus for more than 40 years, ASI is in a unique position in the manufacturing world. Everything they do takes into account cross plant functionality and global application across entire product lifecycle. “This approach has allowed us to become a core asset for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands,” adds Bump.

Owing to their solutions’ depth and breadth, ASI has earned an impressive clientele. One of the world’s largest and most successful automotive companies implemented ASI’s QDA solution across three of their major brands on a multinational scale. This deployment currently has over 5,000 users and 1,000 machines connected to the QDA systems and the client has significantly reduced their costs of quality. In fact, QDA is the first system used across multiple vehicle production lines, optimizing many operations across the enterprise. “Their use of our QDA Body Shop Management module to automate data collection and documentation from all the joints made on the vehicles, allowed them to adjust and control a vehicle while it is being produced,” reveals Bump. This eliminated the need for random “end-of-line” tests, which can lead to expensive rework.

As manufacturers continue to invest in innovation to drive growth, reduce risk, and maintain the relationship with their customers, “quality planning becomes a critical part of the puzzle,” says Bump. “We are working to meet their needs for better ergonomics of handheld devices, more wireless features, operator error-proofing, and deeper analytics capabilities surrounded by improved user interfaces,” he concludes.


Plymouth, MN

Rick Bump, President

Provider of enterprise-class, integrated quality management solutions.