ProcessPro: Caters To The Unique Needs Of The Industry

CIO VendorJoe Blauert, CEO ProcessPro is a mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution provider targeting the process manufacturing industry. Unlike other providers of ERP software solutions that do not design, develop, and sell solely to a particular industry, ProcessPro has the experience and insight of process manufacturing experts who understand the unique needs of the industry, from lot tracking and formulation management to regulatory compliance.

Founded in 1985, with its corporate headquarters in St. Cloud, MN, ProcessPro serves companies in a variety of process manufacturing industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, cosmetic, and specialty chemical. It specializes in ERP software solutions, implementation services, and business consulting. The company’s intelligent ERP software, designed specifically for batch process manufacturers, delivers an incredibly elegant solution that not only helps keep up with business information, but also allows business owners to
get ahead of it, becoming more efficient and profitable in the process. The company’s main products include ProcessPro Premier and ProcessPro On-Demand. ProcessPro Premier helps batch-production process manufacturing companies by organizing and tracking their manufacturing process, inventory management, quality assurance, FDA compliance, financials, sales, planning and execution, and more. ProcessPro On-Demand is a Software-as-a-Service solution designed specifically for small to mid-size process manufacturers who are looking to manage business operations with minimal upfront costs.

It offers express implementation, continual support, and hardware hosting. The ProcessPro ERP software suite tackles customer’s mission-critical business functions while linking all of their information through highly functional integrated business intelligence.

ProcessPro seamlessly integrates all aspects of plant operation, beginning from order entry and continuing through manufacturing, packaging, shipping, inventory, and accounting. As the business evolves, the system’s complete flexibility keeps all options open, and ProcessPro's unique Customization Manager preserves modifications in future releases. ProcessPro easily integrates with a variety of other systems including Microsoft Word and Excel, popular spreadsheets, databases, and charting/presentation programs.
As a frontrunner in the ERP software industry, the company believes in combining innovation, business acumen, and top notch customer service for their clients nationwide. ProcessPro recognizes the importance of strong client partnerships. The company works towards making their software superior, providing added strength for their customers. The system is developed, sold, installed, and supported by the ProcessPro team, which works hard to provide the best path to success for every client.

At every step of the equation, the ProcessPro team ensures the success of each business

Customers enjoy knowing that they have a single source to deal with at every phase rather than dealing with resellers or third-party modules that lack support. ProcessPro is unique, in that they are familiar with the specific needs of their customers’ industries. At every step of the equation, the ProcessPro team ensures the success of each business. It focuses on ensuring that the company continues to grow and evolve to meet the ever increasing demand for its products and services in addition to the vital needs of its clients.


St. Cloud, MN

Joe Blauert, CEO

To provide a mid-market ERP software solution for the process manufacturing industry

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