Kenandy: Building Global Enterprise Management Solutions

Sandra Kurtzig, CEO
In today’s global business environment, staying competitive means moving fast and being flexible. Being able to quickly bring on new acquisitions, or easily integrate with other enterprise applications. Companies with legacy ERP systems can’t keep up with today’s business demands. These systems are costly to maintain and can’t scale fast enough to capture new opportunities.

That’s why Sandra Kurtzig founded Kenandy in 2010— to once again transform the world of enterprise management software. She did this the first time in 1972, when she founded ASK Computer Systems and created the groundbreaking MANMAN product family. during her 20-year tenure as founder, chairman and CEO of the ASK Group, Kurtzig grew the company into one of the ten largest software companies in the world. Now, as Chairman and CEO of Kenandy, she’s helping to drive the adoption of enterprise management on the cloud.

Kenandy, headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA, provides cloud ERP applications that manage the operations, finance and manufacturing for global enterprises. Kenandy automates core business processes including orderto- cash, procure-to-pay, planning and production, global financials, and more. Kenandy also offers professional services to assist with implementation, business process design, and other business requirements.

"The large companies we work with are under pressure to get products to market faster and to adapt quickly to changes in their businesses," says Sandra Kurtzig, Chairman and CEO of Kenandy. "They want Kenandy because it offers quick time to value, scalability and flexibility, and continuous visibility across the enterprise.Kenandy is global, mobile and flexible from the core—everything large enterprises need to stay competitive today.

Kenandy enables organizations to run procure-to-pay, orderto- cash, production and planning, and global financials

"Manufacturing is undergoing significant changes throughout the world due to the rise of disruptive technologies and business models and the changing unprecedented growth of business regulation, to name a few reasons. The way companies bring products to market is changing drastically. Vertically integrated manufacturing has given way to product companies that use supply chain networks, contract manufacturers and fulfillment centers. Product companies need the tools to plan, manage and collaborate with these networks.

Staying competitive means moving fast and being agile. Applications developed on the cloud have many advantages over on-premise solutions including quick time to value and the flexibility to keep pace with a dynamic business climate. “Cloud computing will change computing for everyone”, saysSandra. “And whenever a shift like that happens, there will be new opportunities for players to come in”, she adds. Kenandy plans to continue to use its competitive advantages of deep customer partnerships, manufacturing expertise, and agile development and deployment of new capabilities to stay ahead in this market.


Redwood Shores, CA

Sandra Kurtzig, CEO

Is the leading provider of cloud ERP applications that manage the operations, finance and manufacturing for global enterprises

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