IQMS: Providing Software, Services And Consulting To Improve Business Efficiencies

Randy Flamm, CEO
Recently placed on the list of fastest growing, private companies in America for the third year in a row, IQMS has been designing and developing manufacturing ERP software for the repetitive, process and discrete industries since 1989.

IQMS is an innovative, agile software provider utilizing cutting-edge technology and tools to develop customer and industry solutions for manufacturers worldwide. It is committed to its customers’ success by providing software, services, support, training and consulting that will improve efficiencies and help them become world-class leaders.

The company provides a comprehensive real-time MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and manufacturing ERP software solution to the automotive, medical, packaging, consumer goods, aerospace and defense, agriculture and other manufacturing industries. Manufacturers worldwide trust IQMS to develop products that meet their needs in a rapidly changing, global manufacturing environment. The company’s success lies in building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with its employees, customers, vendors and partners by developing trust and supporting goals, achieving measurable results and encouraging the capabilities and success of their employees.

Glenn Nowak, Vice President of IQMS, believes that the very best software system in the world for a manufacturing company would be a system that uses the same database across every single business aspect and has the very same look, feel and system logic. So, if once a person learns to use one module that knowledge would rollout over other modules easily. The system removes the time honored problem of multiple vendors and adds a whole other layer of complexity. “At IQMS, from the early 90s on, it’s always been our philosophy to work toward creating that system,” says Nowak. “It is this 25 years of experience that has made EnterpriseIQ into one of the best ERP and MES solutions available on the market today," he adds.

IQMS’ philanthropic mission focuses on measurable contributions to its community, both locally and worldwide; and advancing and encouraging the education, skills and ambition of the youth in the community. The company’s success rests on its founding values of accountability for its products and clients; ongoing, proactive commitment to positive customer relationships; forward thinking for best results and measurable success; performance driven approach to do things the right way, not the easy way; and ensuring stability.

Manufacturers worldwide trust IQMS to develop products that meet their needs in a rapidly changing, global manufacturing environment

“IQMS provides end-to-end visibility at any level, at any time: past, present and future. This is your single database solution software. From pre-order to invoice, you have total visibility and no surprises. There is nothing IQMS lacks” - Monoflo International, Inc.

Designed for the manufacturing industry, IQMS’ flagship product, EnterpriseIQ, incorporates complete supply chain management into a single database. The end-to-end ERP software solution offers complete functionality and scalable solutions designed to adeptly grow with the client and complete business functionality, including accounting, quality control, supply chain, CRM and eBusiness, without costly third-party requirements. With inherent and expansive features not found in competing systems, EnterpriseIQ helps every department communicate and operate more efficiently and more profitably.

Load Trail chose EnterpriseIQ, because IQMS instilled extreme confidence that it would work hard to solve Load Trail’s challenges. “IQMS really understands the production process and has been an awesome help to our company,” said Abram Harms, Co founder of Load Trail. “EnterpriseIQ has made so many changes in our day to day life. We can better plan our materials and better organize our work orders through the software.”

Headquartered in California, the company has a strong focus on ERP, manufacturing, software, supply chain management and has offices across North America, Europe and Asia serving manufacturers around the world.


Paso Robles, CA

Randy Flamm, CEO

Offers Manufacturing Software and ERP Software systems for repetitive process and discrete manufacturing industries