Manufacturing Industry Upbeat for Cloud Computing: IDC Report
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Manufacturing Industry Upbeat for Cloud Computing: IDC Report

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Global manufacturers are widely using both public and private cloud says the latest report from IDC – the market research company. IoT is currently one of the key focus of manufacturers reveals the study.

As manufacturers start to get comfy with cloud computing, the next task ahead for them is to carve out a clear cloud technology roadmap notes the new IDC study, “Worldwide Cloud Adoption in the Manufacturing Industry.”

Salient features of the report are: most of the manufacturers are currently deploying public cloud as well as private cloud for more than two applications; the strategies around new IT investments or IT replacements include cloud implementations; much of the cloud implementations are directed towards IT operations and lesser for other areas such as operations, supply chain, logistics, sales, or engineering.

Furthermore, more IT budgets are dedicated to cloud implementations; over the next ten years, cloud will be the standard for new operations; manufacturers would increasingly depend on enterprise and industry cloud to access information.

IoT and Cloud

One avenue where manufacturing are focusing is to derive real-time information through intelligent communications such as IoT. Data from the end points such equipment in the plant, assets and inventory in the supply chain can be accessed to get insights and enables businesses to make informed decisions and drive business results.

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