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Manufacturing Businesses Lose Intellectual Property to Security Breaches: Kaspersky Survey

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 14, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Kaspersky Lab, antivirus and internet security software provider releases the results of a survey conducted in partnership with the market research company B2B International, including nearly 4,000 IT managers across 27 countries on Intellectual property and security threats faced by businesses IT managers. According to the study 21 percent of the manufacturers suffered a loss of intellectual property (IP) within the past year.

The survey found that manufacturers ranked “Internal Operational Information” and “Intellectual Property” to be the two types of non-financial data they feared losing the most, while  “Customer/Client Information” was ranked the lowest out of all business segments. The reason attributed by the survey likely because manufacturing facilities are less likely to store this information in the first place.

Malware was found to be the most prevalent cause of data by the survey. The participants of the study reported the most serious data loss event within the past 12 months, to be malware (23 percent), followed by data loss, including “Software Vulnerabilities” (8 percent), “Network Intrusion” (8 percent), “Information Leaked on Mobile Devices” (5 percent), and “Targeted Attacks” (3 percent).