Mobile Device Management Is Critically Important

Michael Endsley, CIO, Emerson Network Power

Michael Endsley, CIO, Emerson Network Power

Challenges in Technology to Meet Enterprise Needs in 2013 and Expectations

Consumers, including our own employees, cannot get their hands on new technologies fast enough, and that trend is showing no signs of slowing down. BYOD and mobility impact our workforce. People want their information anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This requires an additional layer of security; it is no longer just perimeter security, but also data and application security. Mobile device management is becoming critical, and infrastructure must be flexible and secure to support this dynamic.

Technology Trends Impacting Enterprise Business Environment

Consumerization of IT – Consumerization is forcing IT organizations to be more agile and faster than ever. Our customers’ and employees’ expectations are driving the need for rapid improvements in the user experience. Having a reliable, flexible IT infrastructure is paramount to meeting these needs, as is visibility – the ability to map a potential change and all its impacts in real time.

Big Data Analytics - Most businesses want more data than ever in order to be certain they are making the right decisions, conversely most business executives are drowning in data. It is about relevant business data and getting into something that is actionable. A comprehensive business intelligence system is a way to solve this complex problem.

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