Top 20 Manufacturing Technology Companies - 2017

Volatile market conditions, rising labor cost, and stringent workforce related regulations have inspired manufacturers to explore innovative methods that would ensure business success. While restraining the production cost and improving bottom line are the ultimate objectives, the new solutions enable manufacturers to redefine the paradigms of manufacturing arena through the power of automation, cloud, and data analytics.

These technologies allow manufacturers to monitor and operate monstrous machines with a click of a button. With Automation and cloud native software that can crunch data in real time with analytical prowess, they are gaining powerful insights into all parts of the process. Coupled with this, the might of artificial intelligence is allowing manufacturers to usher in an era of flawless manufacturing process and zero material wastage.

Meanwhile, the conventionally intricate landscape poses a challenge for CIOs as ‘one size fits all’ approach often fails due to subtle differences in the manufacturing processes that functionally appear identical. CIOs have to tread a fine line while zeroing in on the right solution that would align with their business goals and manufacturing needs.

To help CIOs find the right manufacturing solution provider, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, analysts and CIOReview editorial board has selected 20 most promising players in manufacturing arena.

In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the burning need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the complex manufacturing landscape. We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology Solution Providers 2017.

Top Manufacturing Companies

Provides supply-chain management solution to help manufacturers and distributors to better utilize their resources and assets

A provider of Manufacturing Software and ERP Software systems for repetitive, process and discrete manufacturing industries

Kenandy allows customers to map their ERP to their existing business processes and make changes on the fly

A provider of software solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industries

A full service manufacturing company and consultancy with service ranging from product conception to final quality assurance testing and deployment

Offers end-to-end process manufacturing consulting, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 solution implementation and support

Ujigami streamlines the entire manufacturing process to eliminate errors, cut costs, eliminate downtime, and minimize waste

Developing solutions that help manufacturers collect and analyze data so they can access actionable information that will help them improve processes and outcomes


Delivering product costing software for manufacturing units to generate detailed cost estimates for relevant analysis of cost data


Providing ERP Solutions that drives efficiency to contour manufacturing processes


Providing lean manufacturing engineering solution that organizes internal and external business processes for balanced manufacturing operations

Critical Manufacturing

Offering a platform that incorporates integration, mobility, connectivity, and logical decentralization features for maximum agility, visibility and reliability

Datex Corporation

Provides manufacturing module that helps in tracking and tracing production lines, linking equipments to product type and creating orders


Providing Costpoint Manufacturing module that helps in simplifying complex product assembly or maintenance, repair and overhaul

Epicor Software

Provides ERP solutions for streamlining business processes and simplifying manufacturing complexities


Blending ERP technology and services with manufacturing management software for efficient agile manufacturing


Provider of supply chain and Manufacturing Execution Systems for roll-based and flat sheet industries


Offering manufacturing software that configures agile and digitally enabled tools for industry specific needs and quality

Plex Systems

Delivering manufacturing cloud ERP and MES for industry specific needs that focuses on unique requirements of discrete and process manufacturing


Provider of ERP Manufacturing Management Software Solution that helps manufacturers plan, execute and control production effectively