Infusing the Power of AI in Manufacturing

Kennedy Brown, Co-Founder & President
Manufacturers, today, encounter a tremendous pressure to compete and innovate rapidly for retaining customers and attracting new ones. Much like other industries, the manufacturing industry has also been taken over by digital transformation with suppliers and customers communicating digitally and innovating on new business models with data-driven services. As the industry continues to move toward a world of smart factories, it becomes necessary for manufacturers to contend with margin pressures and respond to customers’ needs with speed and agility. With the increasing automation and robotics in the industry, the lack of skilled labor for next-generation manufacturing also poses as a major pain point. Cutting through the labyrinth of challenges, helps manufacturers ‘enlighten’ their business through data using the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Advanced Analytics. “We develop solutions directly tied to business objectives, helping customers improve efficiencies and competitiveness, reduce costs, maximize revenues, and drive innovation,” remarks Kennedy Brown, Co-founder and president of Added to that, plays an integral role in educating and explaining AI to the manufacturing community.

To remove the concerns of the AI black-box in production, nlite. ai specializes in Explainable AI techniques based on Bayesian Networks and Probabilistic Graphical Models combined with visualization tools. Brown says, “The core of what we do is develop and deploy robust AI solutions.” Based on the teams’ extensive background in customer engagement and research, the company has developed a variety of cutting-edge ML usage models targeted at addressing key manufacturing challenges— revenue maximization, predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, and HR optimization, to name a few. leverages analytics and AI models to predict demand based on historic trends, current financial or business trends, regulatory changes, and customer segmentation, then drive dynamic pricing for enhancing revenue opportunities. With AI-based computer vision and IoT, enables manufacturers to be more agile in managing the infrastructure and capacity by predicting maintenance before an unplanned downtime event occurs or to improve production quality. AI-driven supply chain optimization helps manufacturers better predict demand and optimize inventory positions while minimizing costs and risks in the supply chain, such as raw material shortages or weather and traffic events. For HR optimization,’s AI solutions allow for predicting or preventing employee burnout and adjusting employee schedules to maximize productivity while enhancing customer satisfaction with AI-powered bots. Besides, with an education-oriented background, the company provides workshops to enterprise and institutional customers for both business and technical staffs, along with helping manufacturers bring up new data science teams.
“Through our Research and Development and extensive experience in the industry, we have developed proprietary tools that can accelerate data integration and record linking, as well as ML model deployment and management,” mentions Brown.

Our mission is to be the engine behind innovation and new business models in manufacturing

Underpinning’s compelling solution suite is experienced technology solutions consultants and a team of leading data scientists, who possess expertise in AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics. Together the talent pool brings combined expertise of 80 years and can effectively align a manufacturer’s business objectives with technology opportunities for AI and machine learning. “Our mission is to be the engine behind innovation and new business models in manufacturing,” underscores Brown. Added to that, has built a proven engagement and development process working and fine-tuning it with customers. In data scientists and ML engineers work in tandem to develop solutions that solve customer challenges, beginning with understanding problem statements and scope, setting business goals and success factors, and identifying a Proof-of-Concept (POC) to establish appropriate performance and accuracy levels prior to readying them for production. Governed by a mission to become every customer’s trusted AI advisor, the company offers AI strategy and roadmap development, in addition to custom educational workshops.

Brown cites an instance wherein had helped one of its customers with a revenue maximization solution predicting variable demand and supply using dynamic, near real-time pricing models while reducing pricing cycle time and costs through automation. “We used data sources of historic prices and current availability (supply), progressed through a 4-month POC phase, deployed the models into production across four different locations, and helped hire and train a new data science team,” explains Brown. deployed the Timeseries ML models to deliver more than 95 percent accuracy with a threefold increase in the first year ROI along with an estimated annual savings of $100,000. The pricing model cycle time was also reduced from one day to five minutes.

Currently, is focused on meeting the needs of the U.S. market, which is at the forefront of applying AI to business. “We do have a strategic partnership with a leading HPC and Big Data Analytics Infrastructure provider in India and SE Asia that we can turn to as the need arises,” affirms Brown. In the near future, plans to expand into segments that can take advantage of some of the techniques they are perfecting such as the Health & Life Sciences, as well as Financial Services & Insurance segments.


Portland, OR

Kennedy Brown, Co-Founder & President

Helps manufacturers enlighten their business through data using the latest techniques in AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics