ILS Technology, a Telit company: At the core of enabling the Industrial Internet of Things

Fred Yentz, CEO
Managing business in a more connected world requires the ability to adjust in real time to a limitless number of decisions based on millions of live signals from devices and machines. Companies are seeking to add data analytics capabilities to extract more value from these critical capital assets and processes, uncover innovative consumer insights and establish preventive and efficient business practices across industries and markets.

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices have revamped the manufacturing landscape by connecting machines to the IT infrastructure – an integral part of the broader business transformation, also known as the Industrial IoT or Industry 4.0. “Most manufacturers are being challenged by getting data to and from their enterprise systems and a wide variety of new and legacy production equipment from different suppliers, with different protocols and interfaces, right,” says Fred Yentz, CEO, ILS Technology. Trying to handle this complexity, manufacturing and IT departments are spending too much time and money on custom-programming, consultants and complex home-grown solutions.

Organizations, large and small, rely on the deviceWISE enterprise-grade platform to transform manufacturing, energy and natural resources, transportation and retail transaction management with improved connectivity, real-time data and advanced analytics that increase performance, reliability and competitiveness within factories, remote locations and across the entire supply chain.

deviceWISE - designed to easily connect production machines and processes with enterprise systems applications – supports all popular PLCs from Siemens, Mitsubishi, Rockwell, Omron and most widely used production equipment, and is compatible with virtually any database, message queuing and application server system available, including IBM, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

Additionally, deviceWISE provides seamless and secure integration with the Cloud for remote control and monitoring of business operations and equipment by company personnel or authorized third parties via web-based and mobile applications and dashboards.
“deviceWISE further enables real-time data analytics by detecting, analyzing and automating business processes around the data from the Industrial Internet of Things – helping companies improve operational efficiencies and create business innovation around collaboration and predictive maintenance models,” remarks Yentz.

deviceWISE enables real-time analytics by detecting, analyzing and automating business processes around the data from the Industrial Internet of Things

Consider, for example, how deviceWISE can be used to monitor and control commercial refrigeration equipment with real-time analytics to reshape the management of cold storage in industrial and retail markets. Food and beverage companies can use the software to help control the quality, temperature and freshness of their inventories – whether during production, while in transit, at distribution centers, or at retail. They can also monitor real-time demand and inventories and improve production scheduling and logistics, resulting in sizeable operational efficiencies and profitability. “Additionally, performance data collected from coolers and freezers allows for predictive maintenance that can significantly extend the uptime and life of the equipment,” states Yentz.

A multitude of industrial customers have deployed deviceWISE and gained tangible enhancements to their operations. The Honda Manufacturing of Alabama is one such example. By implementing deviceWISE, the customer was able to eliminate complexities around improving IT resource utilization and enhancing quality of equipment data. “The solution also supported the client’s business growth and performance requirements, managed IT staff size, improved speed of upgrades and data quality,” concludes Yentz.

ILS Technology, a Telit company

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Fred Yentz, CEO

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