To-Increase: Helping Manufacturers Move from Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement

CIO VendorCornelis Bosch, CEO
For the last decade, To-Increase has grown a thriving global business by delivering powerful, versatile software solutions that help manufacturers improve their systems and operations so they can efficiently design, produce, and deliver competitive, valuable products at optimal margins. The company’s solutions build on the Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Together with their Business Process Management (BPM) and systems integration software, they provide all the technological capabilities manufacturers need. “As we hear from customers over and over again, that approach works,” states Cornelis Bosch, CEO, To-Increase.

Microsoft provided additional validation when it recently named To-Increase the ‘2014 Microsoft Dynamics Global Outstanding ISV of the Year,’ an award they also won in 2009 and 2010. The manufacturing industry is evolving rapidly. “We will be on the software industry’s forefront by helping our customers take advantage of a revolutionary shift in how people think about discrete and equipment manufacturing,” remarks Bosch.

Customers today want more than manufacturers’ products. They are also looking for responsive, anytime service and vendor collaboration to keep them running without interruption. The ERP systems of record manufacturers use to run their businesses have to extend to take advantage of mobility, social, Big Data, and the cloud to deliver the business enablement manufacturers want. Already, innovative manufacturers are rapidly adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) to make Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) happen. In the EaaS model, connected equipment sends performance and status updates through the cloud to the manufacturer. If a part is wearing out, energy consumption is too high, or performance flags, an employee can immediately head to the site to make the correction and forestall an outage.

To make EaaS pay off for manufacturers, mobility is essential. Anywhere, anytime availability of data and business management capabilities on mobile devices enables people to see and address any equipment-related issues. Field service engineers and other mobile workers also need to be able to reach colleagues and customers through social channels. In addition, social listening can help manufacturers glean insights and observations regarding customers’ experience and requirements.
Over the last two years, To-Increase invested in creating solutions that combine mobility and social, including apps for mobile engineers, field service workers, and government contracting program managers. These apps enable manufacturers to be more effective in serving their clients by making data and functions from the ERP system available on connected devices, and let users connect and collaborate with their colleagues and clients. In 2014, To-Increase acquired Dynamics Anywhere, a leading provider of mobile solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV ERP systems. “We also launched a new Webstore designed to provide manufacturers with a fully integrated B2B eCommerce solution to better service current customers and increase post-sale revenue,” reveals Bosch.

Our powerful and versatile software solutions help manufacturers improve their systems and operations so they can efficiently design, produce, and deliver competitive, valuable products

To-Increase has also launched RapidValue INTERACT, an app that extends their BPM solution by bringing BPM and process collaboration capabilities to mobile screens. “The apps, complementing our well-proven and popular solutions for discrete and specialty manufacturers, see fast and wide-spread adoption,” adds Bosch.

These are only the beginning. EaaS, IoT, Big Data, mobility, social, and the cloud come together in ‘systems of engagement’ that deliver rich, contextual, immersive experiences based on digital technology. For manufacturers, the quality and relevance of the digital experiences they can provide customers and employees will be an important distinction in their ability to compete, retain customers, and generate revenue. “Continuing on To-Increase’s path of manufacturing enablement, we’ll continue helping our manufacturing customers sharpen their competitive edge through both systems of record and systems of engagement,” concludes Bosch.



Cornelis Bosch, CEO

From on-premise enterprise software to cloud apps, To-Increase provides industry, integration and business productivity solutions that help discrete manufacturers reduce risk and operate more efficiently.