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CIO VendorChad Kymal, CTO Powering the manufacturing industry with invaluable solutions, Omnex Systems, founded and incorporated by Chad Kymal, has its core focus on improving quality and business systems for their clients from a wide range of industries. It provides cutting edge improvement solutions for the automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, medical devices, food and locomotive/train industries along with software solutions for the same.

The Enterprise-wide Integrated Management Software (EwIMS) uses web-based technology to connect and communicate in a global environment. EwIMS manages multiple sites with support for multi-language and multi-date formats which is integrated with email notification, reminders and escalation services. It is ready to integrate with legacy and ERP systems using APIs, and has one point user authentication role-based security.EwIMS utilizes a modularized approach to act as a fully integrated relational database solution with Lean data entry to drive benefits such as: manage enterprise quality systems across all sites and business units; reduce enterprise documentation through the use of Integrated Management Systems; reduce time and money necessary for new product introduction documentation; manage product
launches with documents and suppliers effortlessly.

Over the past 27 years, Omnex has been involved in the development, implementation and continual improvement of methodologies that are used by organizations worldwide to achieve world class performance. In fact, these methodologies have been used in the transformation of the automotive, semiconductor and service industries.

Managing the business processes and enumerable documentation within a complex enterprise with multiple plants, sales, and corporate offices within the context of a quality, while also ensuring the customer specific requirements are adhered to and followed within the enterprise. This requires the integration and standardization of workflows using software for document control and distribution, auditing, problem solving, top management measurables and process measurables, calibration and measurement systems’ analysis and more. Omnex software reduces the cost of implementation of standards in an enterprise and also reduces the cost of complying with standards.

The key difference between Omnex and other companies is that while most of its competitor’s software products are at the enterprise quality stage of evaluation, Omnex originally coined the word Enterprise Quality in 2000 and has evolved beyond quality to include environmental, health, safety and compliance requirements into its suite of products. It is the only suite in the market that integrates Advanced Product Quality Planning,APQP), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, (FEMA), or Risk Management into a
EwIMS Suite. Another unique aspect of the Software is its adaptability and flexibility in Wind Energy, Semiconductor/Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical Device industries. The company consists of experienced consultants in both software and methodology implementations who are able to transform organizations and it also has global experience and ability to work on projects following its motto - “Driving Worldwide Business Excellence”.

The involvement of cutting edge customers pushes the company’s implementation and methodologies to new levels. A number of key consultants are involved in writing papers, both in their own webinars and at industry conferences. Omnex has a number of consultants who have been instrumental in developing global standards and methodologies in many different industries. These practices and ideas are translated into the software. Their product innovation and technological advantage is a key and strategic asset in developing solutions exceeding customer expectations. Omnex also invests in marketing and driving awareness towards Integrated Management Systems while also identifying new markets and expanding through new products.

In the coming years, the company’s focus will be on moving to a cloud platform and offering a SAAS solution, adding BI and additional analytics to its software, offering EwIMS as a mobility solution with special focus on manufacturing inspection data and KPIs, integrating functional safety into the advance quality planning suite, integrating Large ERP and PLM solutions and becoming preferred partner in the IMS and quality planning space.

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