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CIO VendorTodd Anderson, CEO & GM A forward-thinking manufacturing consultancy, Epalign, headquartered in Columbus, OH, is focused on building sustainable and high performing manufacturers by providing a custom and integrated approach. More than being a manufacturing consultant, Epalign gives training and software assistance to manufacturers to help them be more profitable and successful.

The main focus of the company is to bring alignment in the three key points in a manufacturing company, which are, leadership, people and processes. “Very often, leaders try to drive processes to change and assume that people will adapt them, whereas our program is designed to train the people as to why they’re making the changes,” says Todd Anderson, Director of Strategy at Epalign.
“Through this, the people get a clearer picture of the process and are able to understand it better. They are engaged and trained in knowing how to continue to improve the processes,” he adds.

The manufacturing industry, today, faces a lot of challenges. Epalign believes that one of the main challenges today lies in the fact that there is a shrinking labor force and there aren’t as many people to do actual hands on jobs as there were earlier, hence it’s more and more critical for clients to find good staff. People require nicer and more economic places to work, with better environments, better lighting, and clean air, in order to function better. This is an important aspect the company tries to achieve. The second challenge the company sees in the manufacturing industry is that people find it easy to buy a product but what they are looking for is the information to make right decisions. This is where Epalign steps in by providing the expertise that people need.

Along with its lean consulting, lean process and facilities engineering, the company also offers management execution software, consulting and coaching to help executive teams execute what they’re trying to accomplish, and then train the
people for those executions. Hence, for the leadership, Epalign offers management, consulting and execution software; for people, it offers training programs and coaching;and for the processes, it does facilities and process engineering, and lean consulting.

Apart from this, the company’s sophisticated and proprietary software makes execution in business easy due to its Business Improvement Executives, Technical Experts, Lean Six Sigma Consultants and CORE Coaches who understand businesses, how they are enriched, how problems are solved and solutions are sustained.

The key differentiator of the company is its holistic approach. It is not just a lean consultant or facilities engineering company, but also looks at the people aspect and blends that into what it does, helping people with their products and engineering. Anyone who is building a new facility or expanding, making improvements to already existing operations, or streamlining operations, Epalign partners with them in order to help them achieve exceptional results through performance alignment.


Columbus, OH

Todd Anderson, CEO & GM

Manufacturing consultancy committedto building high levels of performance by providing a custom and integrated approach