Cortekx HGL: Consultants For Manufacturing And Distribution Industries

Cliff Hall, CEO
Founded in January, 1995, to provide consulting services to the manufacturing and distribution industries, Cortekx HGL is a business services and consulting firm dedicated to helping its clients achieve increased profitability, higher efficiency and to be more competitive in their marketplace.

Cortekx’s projects encompass the sales and installation of the software products plus the setup, training and customizations necessary for every engagement.

The company’s practice is built upon a foundation of commitment to its client's success, commitment to continuing education and solid understanding of its client's business processes, and also to communication and quality workmanship. As technology grows and competition continues to expand into the global arena, Cortekx has been able to overcome challenges with agility and efficiency. Its consulting staff is certified in the software solutions it provides and in the industries it supports including distribution, manufacturing, professional services and construction. The purpose of the company is to build long term relationships with its clients, stimulate a rapid return on their investment in technology projects, and deliver an exceptional client experience.

The company’s key products are Acumatica ERP, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Acumatica is a cloud and browser based SMB ERP solution that is designed to let users enjoy the benefits of the cloud.
It delivers a complete set of business software applications with dashboards, reporting tools, integrated document management, centralized security, and powerful customization tools. It is a comprehensive solution, with vast capabilities in its Financial Management, Distribution Management, CRM and Project Accounting suites. Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM provide a comprehensive software solution to handle every customer relationship need for any business model. Complete with applications running on a solid Microsoft SQL Server platform, users get reporting tools, flexible centralized security, customization tools and the ability to integrate with Microsoft Office applications.

Cortekx’s Services include implementation/training, business processes, project management, and custom development. The solutions enhance productivity with information that flows seamlessly from one process to the next and across functional boundaries and geographical barriers. These solutions allow manufacturing companies to work in process, providing insight into each committed manufacturing; use production costing, wherein actual, standard and activity based costing can be used to establish inventory value for each product or item; engineer change management by providing an easy method for collecting, reviewing and authorizing proposed changes to products and production methods without disrupting production efforts. The solutions also allow companies to have quality assurance by tracking material quality issues and taking the necessary steps to ensure that suppliers are providing the grade of goods you've requested. Furthermore, they are able to monitor job costing by closely monitoring overall profitability of projects and special jobs as well as detailed cost components.

Cortekx HGL

Woodland Hills, CA

Cliff Hall, CEO

Provides consulting services to industries helping clients achieve increased profitability higher efficiency and be more competitive in the marketplace