Optical LANs are an ideal solution to leverage the cost, power and space benefits of fiber infrastructures. Compared to legacy copper networks, Optical LANs are more reliable and secure, and eliminate future cabling upgrades....  more>>
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Over the last several months, suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers that support the hardware and software needs of the U.S. Department of Defense have been scrambling to replace current contracts that are ending or will end....  more>>
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
If you’re looking for the media darling of economic revival, there’s no need to look any further than manufacturing. ...  more>>
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
ProfitKey International, provider of manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning software, has launched its proprietary software, Rapid Response Manufacturing...  more>>
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cincinnati, a manufacturer of high quality machine tools are to join hands and develop a large-scale polymer additive manufacturing (3-D printing) system. ...  more>>
Wednesday, February 19, 2014
GE’s manufacturing software, Proficy, has undergone significant updates which are designed to meet the judicious objectives of today’s manufactures as they transform their ...  more>>
Thursday, February 20, 2014
Eka, a provider of commodity management software solutions, launched its new Commodity Planning and Procurement software for manufacturing companies. This end-to-end solution is targeted ...  more>>
Friday, February 21, 2014
MTI Systems has announced the addition of 24 new cost models to their recent V12.1 update of its flagship cost estimate software ‘Costimator’....  more>>
Friday, February 21, 2014
Software piracy is a problem of monumental magnitude that the law has been trying to address for quite some time now; but the war still wages on. A recent study conducted by Harvard ...  more>>
Monday, February 24, 2014
Aspen Technology, a provider of software that optimizes process manufacturing to the process industries has announced the release...  more>>
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
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